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The Whole Life Success Planner seamlessly merges brain, body and behavioural sciences into an unparalleled behavioural excellence tool.

True life success encompasses more than just professional achievements.

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Erin Barnes.

With 20+ years of diverse client and organisational experience in behavioural change and high-performance, along with qualifications in Exercise Science, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Sports Training and as a Mindfulness Practitioner, I recognised the need for a practical tool that enabled individuals to optimise every aspect of life and maximise their potential, wellbeing and connection. 


This realisation led to the creation of The Whole Life Success Planner and My Best Life Planner - for Kids, which blend expertise in three essential disciplines:

  1. BRAIN Science: Applying the principles within neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional literacy, belief systems, thought processing, fear triggers, and cultural biases to enhance mental and emotional well-being.

  2. BODY Science: Utilising knowledge of human biology, cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, digestion and absorption, and detoxification to unlock physical potential.

  3. BEHAVIOURAL Science: Integrating expert insights on nutrition, movement, routines, patterns, self-care, mindfulness, character traits, and skills to shape behaviours and achieve sustainable success.


With this comprehensive approach and a deep commitment to personal empowerment, The Whole Life Success Planner serves as a powerful tool for everyday behavioural change, enabling individuals to create a life they can be proud of in every moment.


The Winning Formula.

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Your everyday, mental and behavioural habits, either propel or impede excellence and fulfilment.

The Foundation Pages.

Bring transparency to your values, ambitions, intentions, priorities, needs, beliefs and fears.


  • The VALUES CLARIFICATION Tool guides you through the most important exercise to live life feeling fulfilled, with commitment and integrity, a consistent ability to make aligned and confident decisions, build supportive habits and reduce overwhelm and self-doubt.  

  • Your DESTINATION VISION guides you to a different way of thinking about your life, your identity and your legacy. 

  • Your STATUS Assessment + FOCUS Page  sets you up for clarity, conviction, consistency and charge! A goal without a plan is just a wish. 


  • Your VITALITY Pages ​provide simple structure to key physical and mental vitality drivers, so they become daily habits rather than unmet life goals.  

The EveryDay Pages.

Ensure that your daily decisions and actions are aligned and supportive of your personal values and goals. 

  • Your PRODUCTIVITY + PRESENCE PLANNING is your daily tool to tame the Amygdala, reduce the stress response, live with intention and presence, whilst achieving the most important things unique to you.

    These pages also contain essential behaviour prompts to incorporate into your everyday to advance physical and mental vitality. 

  • The MORNING ATTITUDE + INTENTION PRACTICE addresses brain and intention conflicts, inputs new and accurate data with expanded education and self-discovery, and moves you closer to your goals and vision for the future.

  • Your EVENING REFLECTIONS + DISCOVERY PRACTICE, alongside your ACCOUNTABILITY SCORE CARD will allow you to discover new pleasure in high performance habits and stay on course with your intrinsic motivation.

  • Your END OF WEEK/ NEW WEEK 'RESET' keeps you focussed and clear on your goals and strategy for the week ahead across all areas of life. Each little ordinary moment creates an extraordinary life!

The Supplementary Pages.

Guiding you toward new thinking, optimised emotional intelligence, and self-awareness for better decision making.

If you’re a people pleaser, perfectionist or a person who likes superior control, these pages are your best friend.


  • The 'DIP' Framework sets you up with a framework to use during times of change, adversity, low energy and declining motivation. This framework guides you through the 4Cs Methodology to bring clarity to your unconscious beliefs and fears, and improved logic to your conscious beliefs and fears. 

    This frameworks guides you toward a new structure and strategy for your thinking, feeling, being and doing.

  • The STRESS STATUS SCORE + TRIGGER ASSESSMENT guides you through a stress trigger identification process and brings clarity, structure and strategy, to raising stress resilience, physical vitality and mental stability.

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Every single day you impact the people and world around you. Are you deliberate with the impact you wish to have?

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I am truly grateful for The Whole Life Success Planner and the profound changes it has brought into my life.

It has allowed me to isolate and stay intentional with the changes I am wanting to make.

I highly recommend it to anyone seeking transformation in their life.

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